Asymptotic stability in a cancerimmunotherapy system


  • Joel A. Quevedo Quevedo

Palabras clave:

Asymptotic Stability, Cancer, Immunotherapy, In Silico, ODEs


In this work we study the global dynamics of a mathematical
model composed by three first-order Ordinary Differential
Equations proposed by de Pillis et al. This system describes
the tumor growth under an immune response by NK cells
and CD8⁺T effector cells. Additionally, an external
application of adoptive cellular immunotherapy is
considered in order to control the cancer cells evolution.
Through the localization of compact invariant sets method,
Lyapunov stability theory and in silico experimentation, we
achieved to both demonstrate and illustrate asymptotic
stability of the tumor-free equilibrium point of the system.
The latter implies that we were able to establish sufficient
conditions to ensure the complete eradication of cancer cells
population by the treatment application. The numerical
simulations are consistent with the mathematical results and
allow us to explore various scenarios for different initial
tumor sizes and treatment administration protocols.





5th Conference on Computer Science and Computer Engineering