Analysis proposal of the interaction of emotion regulation, anxiety, parental mediation, and sleep quality with internet addiction in adolescents during the COVID-19 contingency


  • Stephanie Diaz Cabral

Palabras clave:

Anxiety, emotion regulation, internet addiction, parental mediation, sleep quality


Previous studies have found a salient relationship between
internet addiction (IA), emotion regulation (ER), anxiety,
parental mediation, and sleep quality. Therefore, it is crucial
to explore how the increasing anxiety symptoms and internet
exposure in adolescents interact with internet addiction
during the contingency for Covid-19. The purpose of this
study is to analyze the interaction between ER skills, anxiety,
parental mediation, and sleep quality in relation to the risk
of IA in adolescents. The Internet Addiction Test, Anxiety
Inventory, Emotional Regulation Questionnaire, Parental
Mediation for Internet Use Questionnaire, and the
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index will be applied in a sample of
adolescents from the city of Tijuana, chosen through a
cluster sampling of the 343 upper secondary education
institutions. It is hypothesized that adolescents with higher
ER skills, lower levels of anxiety, with an optimal parental
mediation, and better sleep quality will show a lower risk of





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