Body temperature measurement with noncontact IR thermometry for COVID-19 prevention


  • Luis Miguel Martínez Cervantes

Palabras clave:

Clinical thermometry, monitoring, prevention SARS-Cov-2


Accurate body temperature measurement is key to
fever detection, which is related to infection with the
SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.
International Labor Organization (ILO), World
Health Organization (WHO), and national health
and labor authorities recommend the
implementation of screening methods for persons
seeking access at working centers and other closed
areas to detect possible patients and reduce
transmission of the virus and COVID-19. Most
health specialists agree that fever is a relevant
symptom of such a disease. However, it is not a
unique sign of the infection and during the
development of the COVID-19 pandemic, other
symptoms have been recognized as useful for
detecting the infection with statistical certainty. The
impact of COVID-19 in the industry has been widely
documented. Pandemic developed as a threat to the
lives and livelihoods of workers and communities
throughout Mexico, including “maquiladora”
assembly factories on Mexico’s northern border with
the United States. We have developed SMT-Ibero
which is a device to monitor with accuracy the body
temperature at screening points in such factories in
northwest Mexico in the metropolitan area of
Tijuana. In this paper, we discuss the importance of
temperature screening, methods, and the importance
of accuracy and precision of thermometry devices.
We also report the improvement of SMT-Ibero by
detection of measuring distance in temperature